Dumb Phone Revolution

In 2014 I wrote a article around why I ditched my Iphone and selected a “dumb” phone. I also shared what the benefits I got from dumbing down my phone. The benefits was peace, free time and real connections with people. If you would like to read it again then go here. However, I also included a poll that I… Read more →

Random Musings 

Over the last few days I heard alot of stories regarding tragedy and lost. Yes it can hit us at any time and the thing is we will never really be ready for it. So when tragedy or loss hits us the emotions can be overwhelming and sometimes the animal instincts in us tell us to flee or fight our… Read more →


Wisdom from Seneca. I liked #2

I started making a list of recommended reading material. The list grew to be quite a library of different books and essays written by intellectual giants. During my search, Seneca, born Lucius Annaeus Seneca, and the letters he wrote, intrigued me to the point of becoming obsessed with his work. Although challenged with health issues, generally asthma, he became a… Read more →