being gratefull

Lessons from my grandmother and chicken soup without chicken.

My grandmother was a great teacher.

I grew up with her like most of my friends at the time. She has been a big influence in my life and I also learned a couple of things about making chicken soup.

On a typical winter’s day I would come home from school, which I hated to attend, and my grandma would be waiting for me with a big bowl of chicken soup and buttered up bread. Now, my grandma’s chicken soup did not comply with a normal chicken soup recipe. The smell was absolutely delicious though. I would take the piece of bread and dip it into the soup. The butter melted just like I anticipated. However I came to notice that there was NO chicken in it. Not even one piece of chicken was ever used when making this soup. I felt betrayed.

Why write about chicken soup?

So why am I telling you about my grandma’s chicken soup? Because there was valid lessons I learned while eating chicken soup without any chicken in it.

  1. Being grateful. The biggest and most beneficial emotion that you can have is appreciation. When you have to eat chicken soup without chicken because there are no chicken you learn how to feel appreciation for the things you do have.

Many of us just need to look around and we will find things that we can be grateful for. Try and make a list of these things. Create a moment each day that you use to go into appreciation mode.

  1. Fake it till you make it. We have heard this a lot of times, but I am not sure that we truly understand what it means. For my grandma it meant calling vegetable soup chicken soup.

Our mind does not know the difference between reality and fake reality.

For example, when you are stressed about a meeting or interview try the following: Think what it would look like in that interview or meeting. Create a full HD picture. Then put yourself in the video. Hear the sounds. Truly submerge yourself in the experience. Make it a positive experience. When you are actually in the situation your mind will try its best to recreate your positive experience.

I enjoyed my grandma’s chicken soup. It showed me that it is absolutely imperative that we stay in a constant state of thankfulness and that we can really fake it till we make it.

I am still not sure whether she really didn’t have chicken that day or if she just wanted to teach me a lesson. Whichever it is I will always be grateful for her lessons, love and patience.