slow down

3 simplistic ways to an uncomplicated life

What if there was a recipe to a less complicated life?

Humans have been complaining for years about how complicated life seems to be. Even small decisions can sometimes be drawn out.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
― Confucius

From having ten different ways to note down your never-ending to-do lists, to squeezing in yet another meeting. Our lives seem to grow more and more complicated without us even knowing. Some people always look tired and others always frantic. It is almost as if that look is the new way to look efficient. The “efficiency” culture does expect us to be panicking about everything all of the time.

This unfortunately does not only affect our work-lives but also our home-lives and puts immense strain on our relationships.

So how do we turn this around? How do we turn down and simplify our lives?

3 Simplistic ways to an uncomplicated life

  1. De-clutter

One of the best ways to create a less complicated life is to de-clutter. How can you start de-cluttering?

  1. Start by de-cluttering your living space. Make sure you keep only the stuff you are going to need. Most us make the mistake to think that we will need everything. However, you will notice that in a month or two’s time you will forget about the things you got rid of.
  2. Also de-clutter the desktop of your pc or laptop. I have found that a habit of clearing my desktop once every week helps me. I keep all the documents on my desktop that I use frequently. All the other documents and folders find their way into the “temp” folder. Once every month I clear the “temp” folder. I also have a folder with subfolders running form a – z. By doing this I know exactly where I filed documents and helps me to search for it quicker.
  3. De-clutter our mind. We tend to fill our minds with a lot of junk. From office gossip to reality shows. This causes our mind to be cluttered and makes processing difficult. What can you do to de-clutter your mind?


Be with nature

Go on a media/news fast

Turn off the radio or tv (or listen to feel good music)

Switch off your mobile (probably the shittiest thing to do, but guess what? Your friends will survive)

  1. Simplify your to-do list and your goals

I am just as guilty at this. At any moment in time I might have different goals with thousands of different actions.

The aim is to have one or two big goals and then have smaller actions leading to those goals. Don’t try and focus on ten different goals. One goal is the best. Make sure it is specific, measureable, achievable, realistic (an example of an unrealistic goal would be to loose 50kgs by Summer so that you can fit into your two piece bikini, but I digress), and time-bound.

Make sure to check in on a weekly basis to see how you progressed or where you need to step it up a notch.

  1. Get good at doing nothing

Sounds strange? If I do nothing I feel inefficient. I feel worthless. I feel icky. Oh shut-up, that’s your brainwashed, conditioned mind that’s talking now.

We have been conditioned to be busy all the time otherwise we are deemed and labelled as lazy bums. Have you tried doing nothing for an awhile? Try it now. Do nothing for 30 seconds. Do it NOW…………………………See? Do you also get that itchy feeling that you might have forgotten to do something?

Try and schedule time during your day to do nothing. No eating, no watching tv, no checking emails, or even thinking about anything. Just do nothing for a couple of minutes.

It will be like little refreshing time bubbles where you can just sit and do nothing.

Life doesn’t have to be too complicated. Follow this three step recipe and you will be good on your way to make your life less complicated and a whole lot more enjoyable.