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Light Work

There  has been a lot of talk about light work or light workers.

If I look at the behavior in our societies and cultures,  then I become hopeful. There is a lot of people that are busy doing light work.

What is lightwork?

Lightwork could be any type of action that helps bring light into this world.  Now, a lot of us, go crazy with all the incense, crystals and herbs. And I am not bashing it. If that is what you need to connect to source then go for it.

The worldview of light workers are very interesting. For the bigger part of the culture, we understand and accept that we are spirit beings having a material experience.  This opens a magnitude of possibilities. What is the purpose then of a light worker?  The sole purpose of a light worker is to bring light and love in the world. To improve the frequency of us as a   collective.

How do they do this?

Healing meditation.

Healing through manipulating the bio field(energy) around us .


The thing is, we dont have to be fancy. By just bringing light to people you interact with daily, can become a huge help. Think about that teller you get after work. The one that blurts out a unhelpful “BAG?”.

The way you react will either bring love or increase fear.

Help the world by becoming aware of your own personality and growing your wings.

Are you a light worker? Let us know in the comment section what you do to explore your light work powers.