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Intro – The Tao Of a Free Spirited Mind

I have always been drawn to ancient Asian wisdom. There must be some attraction and not just the new-age feel to it. All through my life I am pulled back to the ancient text called Tao(pronounced as Dao) Te Ching.

More about Tao Te Ching

Tao can be translated to “the way” and Te Ching “virtuous life”

Let us quickly just check our understanding of what the Tao Te Ching is and where it came from.

The oldest portion that has been excavated dates back to the late 4th century BC. Yep that is Before Christ. So it is very very old.

The author and date of completion is debated however. It is traditionally credited to a 6th century BC old man called Lao Tzu. Also written as Laozi. This name is translated as “old master” or “old man”.  According to the story, Laozi observed the decay of country he was living in. It was in times of war that he then decided to go to a mountainous region to go live as a hermit.

Before he could leave the state he met a man called Yin Hsi at the pass he was about to ascend. Yin His, knowing this man as a prophet and man of wisdom, asked him to write down his wisdom before finally going up the mountain. Laozi then continued to write what was going to be one of the greatest text of wisdom. It was also one of the texts that became the cornerstone of Taoism.

This small book comprises of 5000 Chinese characters that fills 81 short verses.  The wisdom of this book have been talked about throughout the ages and people  in all generations used it to find a way of life that is more natural, provides inner peace and gives us a frame work to live a way that is aligned with Tao( or The Way ).

Okay, so how will these articles, about The Tao, help you  and who am I to attempt to write about the Tao?

So firstly, how will these articles help you?

I can only talk about my own experience. Reading and Meditating on the words of the Tao Te Ching provides me with a practical and simple way to understand our experience of us as humans. Our experience in the world of “10 000 things” like Laotzi calls it. It also allowed me the opportunity to do work on the following:

  • Keep Expectations in check ( my own and other’s )
    • It helps me to understand where it comes from and how to either eliminate it or balance it. This helps me a lot with  feelings of disappointment that life might bring.
  • Eliminating Desires
    • How to keep my own desires in check which in turn helps me to live life a little stress-free
    • Helped me to not feel like I am in competition the whole time
  • Understanding Virtue
    • To really understand what virtue is and how simple it actually is to live a life of virtue
  • How to manage/lead your family with the least amount of rules
  • Coming to the understanding that you are ENOUGH already and that you are more powerful than you really think
  • How to accomplish things through “wu-wei” or non-action. Sounds weird right? That’s what I thought.

So I will be giving you one article per week on a Monday. This will include the verse under discussion and also my thoughts on how we can start applying this verse. This will also give you a week to start testing out some of the ideas to see what works for you. That is another great thing that I enjoy about the Tao. “The Way” will be different for everyone. What comes naturally as your way might be something different from mine.

At this stage I want to ask you two things. This is just to make sure you miss out on nothing, and to get your ideas back to this online community:

  1. Leave you email address in the box below. Every time I publish the new verse and article, you will be the first to know about it. As usual, your info is safe with me.
  2. After you read the article and you tested out some of the ideas, please leave a comment(normally after the article) of how you put it into practice and how this journey is going for you. This will help everybody in this community to see the different and magnificent ways The Way can manifest. Your ideas might even help others.