My life on this earth has never been normal. Not normal like society would deem normal. And what is normal anyway.

I believe that being normal is overrated. To me it means that we are stuck, and we know that is not true. However, sometimes life gives us curve-balls. Most of the time we are not ready to adapt and change. I believe that we all evolve in personality, maturity and attitude. This seems out of our control but the truth is that we can plan our evolution. We can take control of our lives, take ownership and make this journey a little easier. We can evolve creatively. By “creatively” I mean that we can be in the forefront of our own evolution. The other option is to let life’s wind throw you around and the evolution happens by default. However, You have to make that choice.

The purpose of this blog is to share strategies and ideas that I collected in the last 15 years and still continue to collect. These strategies can help us to evolve creatively and smooth out our journey just a little.

I have only one mission: To help people change whatever needs changing in their life in order to evolve creatively. And in the process create kick-ass content.

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